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FlexoSense is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore incorporated in 2016. The co-founders have experiences in startups, R&D, business development, sales & marketing, operations, and finance.


We have the privilege of being mentored by other startup entrepreneurs and key industry players. We have been recognized through the JT Corporate Award and the Modern Aging Competition in Singapore. We are one of the winners for IDTechEx Launchpad Berlin 2017.


We envision our sensors as an enabler in sensing for healthcare devices, robotics,  and consumer electronics.


We use patented technologies and advanced manufacturing methods to create our flexible sensor.


Our flexible sensor, embedded within a skin-like elastomer, hopes to enable digital health analytics with unparalleled ease and comfort.


FlexoSense Technology


We use soft materials to create flexible substrates that are conformal to any shape, be it different parts of the body or device. Our sensors are lightweight, flexible and robust.

02 / FORM

Our sensors can be customized into different forms to conform to the dimensions of any device or body. Dimensions can vary from the sub-millimeter range to more than 1 meter.


Our sensors are able to be customized to measure dynamic pressures and strain with adjustable range, precision, accuracy, and resolution.

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